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Darnell Conners

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Darnell Conners acquires distinguished properties throughout the metropolitan area for residential needs and commercial benefits. He specializes in property acquisition for clients seeking land, lease, and or customized needs in property ownership and management. As a member of Hybrid Real Estate, Darnell’s portfolio also includes the process of retailing manufacturing buildings, investment properties, and industrial constructions for individual client purposes.

Before joining Hybrid Real Estate, Darnell served in The United States Navy classified as an Yoeman and member of special operations for the USS Rhode Island. His experience in the Navy gave him unprecedented insights into matching people’s needs with specific outcomes. Now, Darnell’s insights into real estate properties and understanding people’s necessities for residential and commercial use makes him the ideal agent for securing properties.

“I’m naturally a people person whose first instinct is to make sure people are taken care of when it comes to securing their goals. I understand the sacrifices people make to secure property for themselves, their businesses, and their families. I want people to not only enjoy their property but to know that Hybrid is here to take care of them throughout the entire procurement process. I don’t want to just sell a house; I want each person to find their home.

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